Baguio Festivals – Philippines

Baguio City is usually crowded during the hot summer days in Philippines. This being the coolest place during the season in the country. A visit here during summer brings enthralling tranquility to those seeking recluse from the world’s cares. However, there are other reasons to visit Baguio City, some of which are the colorful festivals and other celebrations of the city’s cultural heritage

The festivals of Baguio City usually entice and bring in visitors and tourists in droves to enjoy the beautiful outdoors not only during the summer but the whole year round as well. The many festivals in the city are organized not only by the local government but by private organizations also.

The festivals in the list below are only some of the festivities held throughout the year.


This is held each February of the year and is a very popular event. This is Baguio City’s festivity of flowers that started back in 1994. This is a huge event, perhaps the biggest one for the whole year, and is one the most successful festivities in the country. Of course, the highlight of the occasion is the parade of floral floats, street dancing, and drum and bugle bands.

Other competitions as golf tournaments, landscape competitions, and art exhibits add color to the celebrations. Adding to the sheer thrill in the cold Baguio air are the flea markets set up during the occasion. Visitors can find huge bargains and they can even haggle for even better prices. If you’re up to the task, you can participate in the nudging for lower prices and better deals and get more goods for the same amount of money you would otherwise use.

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Holy Week Festivities

The months of March and April are a bit religious for the people of Baguio since it highlights religious feasts. This is also the season for the summer vacation in the city. Expect to get a huge influx of local and foreign tourists who venture off to escape into Baguio’s cool embrace. Civic groups and business organizations often host different activities during this season for everyone who visits the city.

Foundation Day

Held in September, this festival is held annually to commemorate the city’s inauguration. Baguio became a chartered city way back in September 1, 1909. The event is marked by art exhibits, cultural shows, and other programs that coincide with this event.

PMA Homecoming: The second week of February is marked by the homecoming of the alumni of the Philippine Military Academy. Balls and parades highlight this annual reunion.

Baguio Arts Festival

November and December are made special by the Baguio Arts Festival. The Baguio Arts Guild, which started in 1989, spearheads the occasion. Specially featured during these months are visual arts, ethnic, and performing arts. The goal is to promote the city as a venue for artists and the arts.

Fil-Am Golf Tournament

Hundreds of golfers get a treat enjoying the cool weather and beautiful landscapes in Baguio during this tournament. Participants of this said competition come from the Philippines and the United States, exhibiting their club-swinging prowess. The golf courses of the Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay become the venue of the tournament.

Silahis ng Pasko

To cap up the year’s festivities in Baguio City, Silahis ng Pasko is a festival that celebrates the season’s spirit of giving. Baguio City’s youth become the focus of the activities. Caroling competitions, sports tournaments, and gift giving are the major activities of the season. The spirit of sharing and rearing the youth become the focal point of this festivity.

People do not only visit Baguio City for the cool weather as an escape during the hot Philippine summer. The festivals held during the course of a year bring people in to enjoy the city’s culture and heritage. The cool weather and the relaxing scenery serve as beautiful backdrops to the festivities in Philippine’s pine city.

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