More destinations for Possibly Pinay: Pagudpud to Vigan

I was just a traveler then. I did not blog. I only started blogging when my traveling went on hiatus. Then I started traveling again.

My most recent major trips have been to Davao, Iligan and now the Ilocos region. I haven’t even made a dent on posts about Davao and I already have more and more trips to write about. I think I’ve got a line up that will cover the rest of the year — if I wrote everyday!

Thank goodness for the awesomely wicked wifi here in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

And with that, let me do my work and I’ll leave you with this awesome picture of me in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. And yes, while I am in Vigan now, this picture was taken just 8 hours ago.

I have dubbed myself an official backpacker, find out the why-the-hell and the how-in-the-world in my Ilocos posts – which I figure will be by the end of the year — I hope!

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