Top Ten Reasons to Visit The Montfort Bat Colony in Samal Island

10. It’s a Guinness World Record Holder (Largest collection of Geoffrey Rousette Fruit Bat clocking in at 1.8 million – and this was in 2006!)

9. It only costs P20 for the entrance fee

8. It gives back all but 15 minutes of your life – there really isn’t anything else to do there but gawk at the cave. Getting chills up and down your spine is completely optional.

7. It will make you appreciate sit-down toilets so much more since they just have concrete floors serving as “rest rooms”

6. It will prove to you that a bat colony that big really doesn’t stink as much as you thought it would

5. It will give you an auditory teaser on what a killer bat apocalypse will sound like

4. It’s only about 10 minutes via habal-habal coming in from Babak Port

3. When the bats come out of their caves to feed, around dusk, it will either put you in sheer awe at the workings of Mother Nature or inspire an involuntary gag reflex on how millions of flying rats fly out all together

2. It doesn’t really require any form of physical exertion to get to it. No hikes, no treks – just a quick 2 minute walk from the parking lot, past the main building and around the other open structure and you’ve got the first mouth of the cave

1. It will prove to you that no – Batman does not live in an actual bat cave – unless he enjoys having tons and tons of bat crap on his batmobile.


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