Top Things for Peacock Garden Resort

With an impending yet still unconfirmed return to one of my favorite spots for seclusion during the not-so-latter part of the year, I intend to make the best of my Peacock Garden Resort sequel.

The Peacock is one of those resorts that are meant to be stayed in. This is not just a place to store your bags or rest your drunk/exhausted/almost lifeless touristing body. The grounds aren’t *that* expansive that there is an endless list of things to do but the resort is large enough to make you feel really apart from everything else. It’s not beachfront property but the view will do it for you. It did for me.

1. The Food

Look at that. I mean. Look at that. That, my friends, is gastronomical carnage in the most luxurious of settings. I heavily suggest to take these dishes for the appropriate meals. Take the Halibut and Coconut Risotto as a good lunch. It’s pretty hearty but somehow, you don’t go off in a food coma after all that rice. And it’s pretty smooth and the flavors (and the fact that it’s fish) make it pretty light on the palate. Take the Veal Cheeks for a decadent dinner with a nice glass bottle of red. The schnitzel (no picture because it was immediately devoured) is very good, looks a little underwhelming compared to the other dishes, but halfway through the meal, you tend to doubt your own digestive capacity. Everything else is really good.

Breakfast by the pool, with their German Rolls and Cherry Jam? Wow. Pinya Kwan by the bar? Yes, please! And those delicious ice cream flavors from pumpkin to cinnamon? Why the hell not? And all topped off, well, maybe not the ice cream, with a good bottle of wine from their cellar or a cool German brew.


2. The View

It’s no beach, but it’s the water. And with the spectacular elevation from everything, you really feel like being so apart from the world. And just looking at undisturbed waters is just so [expletive]relaxing. I apologize for my picture that really does NO decent amount of respectable, acceptable justice to this view.


3. The Quiet

Being a mom to a toddler, there is no such thing as quiet. Even when she’s asleep, I take all the those precious moments to organize laundry, clean up the room, answer emails, take a rushed bath, dry my hair, do my nails, scour the group buying discount sites for anything good and whatever that needs to be done. So waking up to absolutely nothing is just so indulgent. No rushing tourists no hustle and bustle from the staff. Just absolute quiet.


4. The People

Amanda and Cris are more than just gracious hosts. They are family. And that same feeling of family and service extends towards the staff – from them and to them. Your needs are anticipated to the T. Smiles everywhere – and not the plastic plastered ones you get from busy hotels and resorts.

You know how you’re in line, the person in front of you steps away and then the front desk person already greets you before you are properly “face to face” with each other and without looking at you in the eye or giving you 100% of her/his attention by checking the computer and then suddenly, just before you open your mouth, takes a call or hands off a request to a colleague, all with that plastered, practiced smile? Yeah. That DOESN’T happen in this house.


5. The Pool

I mean, come on, just look at that. The pool, of course. And check out that hot piece of mama in it!


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