Utopian Coffee Shop: Davao’s Cafe Demitasse

One day, today, I decided to make a dent on this Davao Mega Series. And what better way to start off then to feature my favorite spot in Davao – Café Demitasse.



During my 6-turned-7 days in Davao, I was able to take a trip to Demitasse, three times. First time, I was having a late lunch at 2pm and I ran towards the Osso Bucco and a side of Mudslide Frap. It was all very satisfying but then I gazed upon the desserts display – damn it, I filled up on the frap thing.


<Mudslide Frap>


That’s when I made it a point to come back to Demitasse. It’s pretty close to where I was staying. It’s along Torres Street, just before Lopez Jaena St., if you’re headed in that direction.

During my next two visits, I prepped for well-deserved sugar rushes from the homemade Snickers bar and banoffee pie. I also took a leap of faith and bought 1 pack of Durian Lengua back home to my hosts – great college friends and newlyweds, Jamie and Brian.


<Homemade Snickers bar – overloaded with nuts>


<Towering Banofee Pie>


The Durian Lengua is indescribable – said to be made by the once-famous-eternally-recognized Wency Cornejo, the lenguas are paper thin crisps that melt in your mouth. They are delicate little discs that explode with so much natural durian flavor that they are just exciting, titillating and, dare I say, almost orgasmic. Too bad it costs somewhere around P160 per pack. Quite steep for pasalubong so I guess it will stay as the one-night-stand (or pack) that keeps me longing for more.


<Heavenly, but pricey, Durian Lengua>


But I have to say the two best things about Demitasse, other than the desserts, would be the customer service and the wifi! They’ve got one of the fastest wifi connections in the coffee shops and restaurants I was able to visit during my stay. It was ridiculous. Even with 4 or 5 other devices connected from other tables, it was still very impressive.

And the customer service is just impeccable. Talk about anticipating your needs. If they didn’t have the genuine smiles and genuine “Thank you’s” and “You’re Welcome’s,” I would’ve been creeped out by how much they remember about my preferences and order and other things.


These are some of the features of Fantasyland Demitasse:

  • Your glass of water is never less than half empty (or half-full, as I prefer to see it)
  • A roaming all-seeing eye is quick to the draw whenever you raise your hand for anything
  • They talk to you like you’re a celebrity or royalty, but then approach you with a homeyness that makes you feel like you’re that you’re family.
  • Their smiles are genuine and they are all very VERY VERY courteous. It’s a joke between my newlywed Davao friends that they must be required to attend some sort of Bible Study, if only to explain why they’re so damn nice. 
  • If you have a usual order, they will remember it. Actually, even if you’ve only been there once – there’s a 99.99% chance they’d remember what you ordered.
  • They will do almost anything legal for you


Aaah, Café Demitasse – if only you have a twin sister here in Cavite…


Café Demitasse

Address: 727 F. Torres Street, Davao City
Open Hours: 8a-12mn (-2am on Fridays and Saturdays)
Contact: (082) 282 2828

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