Where is the BEST Food in Boracay? Aqui!


2. Dos Mestizos is, by far, the island’s best place for atmosphere and, most especially, FOOD.

I’ve been sold to try out this Spanish restaurant in the heart of Station 3 before we even got settled on the plane to Caticlan. Apparently, we had to at least eat there TWICE before we left Boracay.

And I’m hearing this from someone who:
A.) is NOT Filipino
B.) does not live in the Philippines 

C.) has only been to the Philippines once before
D.) has only been to Boracay for a couple of days during that one trip to the Philippines
E.) doesn’t give a sh—about the Philippines

We walk in and I immediately know what he’s talking about. This is the only restaurant on the island that I have seen from the outside that hit the target on décor, atmosphere and mood.

“I think I’m going to like this place.�?

Two bread baskets, one small order of Paella Negra and a couple of glasses of house wine later, I confirmed that again and reinforced it with, “I loooooove Dos Mestizos.�?




We could’ve easily gone to the tapas menu and then picked ourselves full with olives, cheeses and other delectable tapas. Then, there was the buffet. I believe it was PhP650 ($17-ish). That was another option, too.

It was a Saturday night and we just walked in all the way from Station 2,it was a full night. Every seat, even the ones at the bar, were reserved. We were able to score us a couple of stools outside. And as I look into their private room that is also their wine cellar, I dream of having that one room all to myself – to drown in impeccable Spanish wine and endlessly chew my way through tapas.

The people were quiet but the atmosphere was festive. And it was busy. Sam asked for the owner, who he has met in his trip last year, but the place was too packed to disturb someone just to say, “Hi!”

The Spanish guitar tunes piping through the speakers really does bring the place full circle. In addition to the softly-candlelit dinner setting and impressive menu selection, there really isn’t much that you can add to Dos Mestizos to make it better.

We wanted more of Dos Mestizos. We planned to wait out our food coma back in our room and go back to the bar just to hang out and chill and possibly have the chance to talk to one of the owners. But to ruin that plan, the moment we laid our backs on our own bed, exhaustion, sleep deprivation and, now, digestion are getting in the way of us getting up from our bed and taking the 20 minute walk back down to Station 3. We were both bummed at how we thought we couldn’t go back anymore but then the universe has a way of conspiring for us that weekend.

And true enough to pre-Boracay expectations, we did eat there twice.


The second time was for early after-dinner dessert. The bread pudding was phenomenal (considering that for me, anything beyond regular-panaderia-bread pudding is already “outstandingly fabulous�? – this thing with me and bread pudding is just an ongoing love affair, I guess) and the leche flan was scrumptious. I told Sam that my grandmother’s recipe still stumps any leche flan that has come up to the plate. But this was a good second. The cappuccino was a little off – more like an americano with foam than cappuccino.

But still, sitting by the bar, surrounded by old Spanish movie posters, warm wood furniture and great company is pretty damn hard to beat. So, I raise my glass of house white and say unto you, “When in Boracay, you have to party hard but take the time to slow down, chow down and mellow out at Dos Mestizos. Salud!”



(featured photo from Dos Mestizos Facebook Page)



Dos Mestizos is at Station 3, right smack behind La Carmela de Boracay. If you’re walking down on the beach from Station 2, you will see the Tourist Center and Alice’s Resort/Restaurant/Rest Rooms/Something then take a left towards the road. And if you’re walking by the main road, the alley going to Dos Mestizos will be across the big Boracay hotel with the jumbotron outside. An awesome place like this is pretty hard to miss.


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